How to subtract dictionaries from a list

November 30, 2019, at 7:40 PM

I have a list of dictionaries (not all in the same length) like -

[{x:3, y:5}, {x:2, z:1}, {y:2}]

And would like to get a new dictionary that subtract the values of the same key -

{x:1, y:3, z:1}

I tried to run on each dictionary but couldnt understand how to make the subtraction

Answer 1

You can use something thing like the following.

new_dict = {}
for dict in list:
    for k,v in dict.items():
        new_dict[k] = (new_dict[k] - v) if k in new_dict else v
Answer 2

Create a new dictionary. In a loop over the source sequence, modify the original dictionary - this also involves a loop over the keys therein. The end dictionary will be the desired result.

It is potentially unclear why z should be 1 and not -1; in any case, with a loop this logic can be clearly teased out; ie. add key on first-seen, subtract from the existing value otherwise.

The pseudo code might then look something like the following, which has a near 1-1 translation to Python:

let result be an empty dictionary
for every group in groups
     for each pair of k,v in group
         if result contains k then
             subtract v from result[k] and store in result[k]
         otherwise (if it does not exist yet)
             store the value of v in result[k]

Make sure to follow only with the Python constructs at each step of the transliteration to understand the process.

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