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October 14, 2017, at 8:42 PM

In this jsfiddle, I'm dynamically adding options to #type which is a bootstrap select pickerOnce that's populated, I am calling getMenus() which is using the ID attribute from #type to make another ajax call and populate values for the second select picker, #filters

October 13, 2017, at 6:19 PM

I would like to ask if is possible change the "real URL" for the "hidden URL" in AJAXThis URL:

October 13, 2017, at 6:18 PM

I'm checking some code and found this row:

October 13, 2017, at 6:16 PM

I am using RateIt jQuery star rating plugin for my project and I developed the project using Firefox browserBut when I check it with Google chrome it doesn't work

October 13, 2017, at 6:13 PM

I have a WordPress site that displays a number of posts in a gridSome of these posts will contain an additional class in the first div of the block - either

October 13, 2017, at 6:12 PM

I have to submit a form (sell) with multiple fields, some of them are from an entity and the others are customed fields that i can duplicate (products) with JQuerythe problem is that in the createAction i get just one of each duplicated field (the last one)

October 13, 2017, at 6:11 PM

I am using jsf PrimeFaces (v 61) library

October 13, 2017, at 6:10 PM

I'm using Ninja slider for my websiteBut when i upload it on server this text is showing me "Ninja Slider trial version"

October 13, 2017, at 6:09 PM

If my purpose is served by core JavaScript only, should I use any libraries like Angular 2 or JQuery?

October 13, 2017, at 6:08 PM

Let say I have 2 pages, The first page consist of form and after it has been submitted, I want to load a new page inside the same page (oldpagehtml)

October 13, 2017, at 6:07 PM

I need all areas (localities and sub localities) of city like Dubai

October 13, 2017, at 6:06 PM

I have wasted a lot of time on this and finally seeking help in this great forumI have am a django starter and working on a model form that takes address details from user and validates by overriding clean method for fields

October 13, 2017, at 6:05 PM

I want to add a button upload to my dropzone file uploadercurrently it's uploading the file directly after selecting or dragging the file into the dropzone area

October 13, 2017, at 4:58 PM

I want to add in my website an image editor by using javascript or jQueryI only find a basic editor to crop pictures ! anyone did that before ?

October 13, 2017, at 4:57 PM

Here, I have a page where Data changes by Ajax in id="Products", But here Slider not work correctlyWhen data changes Slider Not working

October 13, 2017, at 4:55 PM

I ran the Google Pagespeed Insights on my page and was advised to

October 13, 2017, at 4:54 PM

This question already has an answer here:

October 13, 2017, at 4:53 PM

I want to use OOP concept in jQuery so i make one JQuery class names "AlcoholOrder"I am validating one form using jquery validation plugin

October 13, 2017, at 4:52 PM

The problem raise when we add decimal character ',' in jquery calculator plugin and try to add it using physical keyboard

October 13, 2017, at 4:51 PM

I am trying to make a ajax function to make users pay half the price of total amount, on custom cash on delivery methodWhen user selects yes or no radio button total amount is changed accordingly

October 13, 2017, at 4:50 PM

Do you know why my function works just for one click on my keyboard ? I would like to move my slider with using right and left arrowRight arrow works just one time

October 13, 2017, at 4:46 PM

Add option and option group dynamically from ajax data

October 13, 2017, at 4:41 PM

I have this link https://wwwgoogleapis

October 13, 2017, at 4:40 PM

I have some Input fields with the same name as arrays in a loop

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