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July 28, 2017, at 11:20 AM

I'm aware that including the word synchronized to the getNext() method signature would make the method completely thread safeBut what if in the body of the method I surround only the portion where the actual incrementing is being done with a synchronized block? Will this still be a completely thread safe incrementer? What's the difference?

July 28, 2017, at 11:19 AM

If I had two tables to give me the ability to search by email and username, how would I properly model this in Spring Boot? I can't have one auto-wired repository that works on both since it's two different tables, but the data is the same

July 28, 2017, at 11:18 AM

I want to finding all combinations in an array to reach a given sumFor example if the array is [1,1,1,2,4,4] and the given target is 5 then should the output be:

July 28, 2017, at 11:17 AM

I've been using the Spark/Scala kernel on Jupyter (I'm not sure which version/how to check since it's not listed in jupyter kernelspec list)

July 28, 2017, at 11:16 AM

I'm developing anti theft application and this my connection http class

July 28, 2017, at 11:15 AM

I have an existing Play 21 project

July 28, 2017, at 11:14 AM

Here to see the question resources

July 28, 2017, at 11:13 AM

I'm trying to use the HSQLDB, together with spring JDBC templateIt works fine, until I use Java 8's LocalDateTime class

July 28, 2017, at 11:12 AM

Here's what I'm trying to do: Task 1 runs and at the same time executes Task 2, Task 2 has a method that runs every 15 seconds (for this I use the Timer class), this method stops Task 1 and after finishing resumes Task 1The problem is that when I try to call Task 1 in Task 2 and execute

July 28, 2017, at 11:09 AM

I'm using MaterialShowcaseView: https://githubcom/deano2390/MaterialShowcaseView

July 28, 2017, at 11:08 AM

I have a service implementation with a method getOne that makes a call to findById at the repository layer(My repository extends JpaRepository, so I did not have to implement findAll myself

July 28, 2017, at 11:07 AM

So I have my project: https://githubcom/Leejjon/Blindpool

July 28, 2017, at 11:06 AM

I'm using SpringFox 27

July 28, 2017, at 11:05 AM

I am stuck with this problem for several hours: There are 3 tables, one of them connects the others through a place number and the tray IDTo find out how many samples are on a specific tray I aggregated the places by the tray ID, which works perfectly in pure SQL Code

July 28, 2017, at 11:02 AM

First post, so sorry for my poor formattingI have a java program that I developed in eclipse

July 28, 2017, at 11:01 AM

July 28, 2017, at 10:59 AM

Given I have application with persistence layer managed by JPA and Hibernate, how can I export arbitrary entity to xml file?

July 28, 2017, at 10:58 AM

I am starting a new game engine this time with LWJGL3I would like to load textures using the STB natives libraries that you can download while with the rest of the LWJGL3 libraries rather than using something Slick or a PNGDecoder - both for more flexibility with file types and to shake things up a bit

July 28, 2017, at 10:57 AM

I currently am trying to convert this javascript sample:

July 28, 2017, at 10:56 AM

I am upgrading our JDBC driver to mssql-jdbc-62

July 28, 2017, at 10:55 AM

I'm running into major RAM issues when trying to run Information Gain to select features from a large dataset in R (the datatable object is around 6 GB, for reference)

July 28, 2017, at 10:53 AM

July 28, 2017, at 10:52 AM

I have generated fortify code review and I got medium severity for closing FileStream(in try-with-resources block) and filedelete in finally

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