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October 13, 2017, at 11:21 PM

I have created login page and for accessing data I have used JSON Filewhen I click on the login() btn , userdata should match with the server data

October 13, 2017, at 11:20 PM

I have a highlight hover map built in JavaScript that shows a div 'info box' when I hover a certain area @ https://isidorscom/test/dupex/contact The problem is that my 'info box' div element does not seem to appear at the exact mouse location, as desired, but it is offset with certain values, which I do not understand where they come from

October 13, 2017, at 11:18 PM

I'm trying to figure out the correct way of passing custom data to a query call to be made available in the callbackI'm using MySQL library in nodejs (all latest versions)

October 13, 2017, at 11:16 PM

Is there a way to make the parallel coordinates go all the way to the edges and then equally space the "dimensions" between that? I thought that the x = d3scaleBand()

October 13, 2017, at 11:14 PM

Recently, I was trying to do something with the code of ECDSAI want to change the key length of it but in vain

October 13, 2017, at 11:13 PM

I am trying to print a bar code using below javascipt code

October 13, 2017, at 11:12 PM

I cannot understand why my code is not workingI have a basic class with two class methods

October 13, 2017, at 11:10 PM

When the user selects a row using the checkbox option, and clicks 'Calculate Depreciation' I want to grab the values in {{assetpurchaseValue}}, {{asset

October 13, 2017, at 11:08 PM

This is my current regular expression: /[Hh][Ee][Ll][Ll][Oo](?![A-Za-z0-9\-])(?![^<]*>)/g

October 13, 2017, at 11:07 PM

In reference to Keycloak's documentation for account linking, I need to fetch user session id and client session id from the access token

October 13, 2017, at 11:06 PM

This question already has an answer here:

October 13, 2017, at 11:05 PM

I am trying to stabilize some old pie chart code and upgrade it to d3v4Also watch for ways to displace the labels so they don't sit on top of each other

October 13, 2017, at 11:04 PM

This question already has an answer here:

October 13, 2017, at 11:03 PM

I am trying to add a 10px outset border to a group of images using jquery

October 13, 2017, at 11:02 PM

I am trying to upload a form in extjs 5I am setting header Content:Type as form/multipart

October 13, 2017, at 11:01 PM

I am not sure if this is a bug from my application, but I have an array like this:

October 13, 2017, at 11:00 PM

I need chart looks like this implementation

October 13, 2017, at 10:59 PM

I am trying to figure out a way to validate whether or not an email address is correctAnd before you show me the c# emailaddressvalidator or a regex js func, It specifically shouldn't check if correct format - but rather if someone made a spelling mistake

October 13, 2017, at 10:58 PM

I have a JavaScript array, which I want to convert to JSONThe thing is that I don't know what will be in the array, cause it's a calculator, that depends on the user

October 13, 2017, at 10:57 PM

I got a template to display for a form result, it loads the data but skips the part where it loads the css/js part, in Symfony 14

October 13, 2017, at 10:53 PM

i come from a rails background, but have been work/learning javascript ecosystem for last few monthsSo i'm a novice here

October 13, 2017, at 10:52 PM

I have an (SharePoint Framework) react example using a rest callWorking fine

October 13, 2017, at 10:50 PM

How to handle this code snippet from the given fiddler

October 13, 2017, at 10:47 PM

I am developing an application in which i check if the user is not loggedin I have to display the login form, else dispatch an action that would change the route and load other componenthere is my code:

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How to use $.when in node.js? [duplicate]

How to use $.when in node.js? [duplicate]

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Add node to Tree

I decided to use nested sets model. [nnn]My table has columns: id, name, lft, rgt, parent_id.

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javascript/jquery: on click copy relevant array items to new array

I think I'm missing an obvious answer. I have an array of arrays, like this.