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January 28, 2022, at 02:00 AM

I could see in the android document that Transform classes are deprecated but I could not see the new API which we should use instead of Transform classes

January 26, 2022, at 9:20 PM

I've the PWA app, launched on Android deviceThe app allow to take pictures and upload them to server

January 25, 2022, at 3:50 PM

I wan to delete multiple children with known keyI searched all the related posts but it doesn't seem to work

January 24, 2022, at 08:00 AM

I can't get the Python program at https://githubcom/pcarbonn/pyDatalog/blob/master/pyDatalog/examples/graph

January 23, 2022, at 03:50 AM

Am using Expo SDK 42 and react-native : 063

January 20, 2022, at 06:30 AM

I have created LiveData wrapper on Shared Preferences and created a shared preferenceLiveDataWhich then I am using in view model(shown below)

January 19, 2022, at 02:10 AM

This is the code of getRefreshKey function of the paging3 codelab

January 17, 2022, at 10:20 PM

I am working on a grocery app which needs to keep updating the most recent available quantitiesTo do so, I need to keep overwriting and accessing a large object of quantities which is sent via api every min

January 16, 2022, at 3:00 PM

I have a problem with compose bottom navigation barWith starting screen to be exact

January 15, 2022, at 09:40 AM

I want to implement regular expression in ObjectBox databaseSomething like -

January 14, 2022, at 04:10 AM

I'm trying to delete any inactive rows after a limit of 1000 rows, and I've tried this:

January 11, 2022, at 10:20 PM

I’m doing a React Native application through the Expo frameworkIf I see through the Web, everything works correctly, while if I use the Android emulator (installed with Android Studio) it doesn’t make me view the information inside the View, but simply everything is empty

January 09, 2022, at 08:40 AM

I have a rare problem in an Android project with JavaIt happens that when I start my application, it tells me:

January 08, 2022, at 01:20 AM

I am using a NotificationListenerService to receive notificationsI use the method onNotificationPosted(StatusBarNotification sbn) to see when a new notification is, well, posted

January 06, 2022, at 7:40 PM

I usually use diffutil with Recyclerview when neededRight now I have situation where the items I get from backend look like this:

January 03, 2022, at 10:00 PM

This is the fork of DroidBox, called AndroPyTool : https://githubcom/alexMyG/DroidBox_AndroPyTool

January 02, 2022, at 2:40 PM

I have a use-case in my android app that users of my application has to give api key so that they can use the map

December 27, 2021, at 11:40 PM

A ViewModel has a SavedStateHandleMany actions in ViewModels are async, but when something async runs when my app goes to the background, the resulting viewstate-change won't be saved in the SavedStateHandle afterwards, because the SavedStateHandle was already written to disk

December 26, 2021, at 00:30 AM

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December 24, 2021, at 3:10 PM

Google Login failed in Android Studio

December 23, 2021, at 06:30 AM

I've got a Table with a lot of Buttons that act like checkboxesAs the title says, I want the background color of the Buttons to be changed when pressed (checked)

December 21, 2021, at 9:10 PM

I am trying to pass arguments using --dart-define in the Android Studio IDE, but I am not able to access in the code

December 20, 2021, at 2:50 PM

I have three flavours in my android app

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