September 26, 2017, at 07:47 AM

I have two tables named 'users' and 'sponsors' bellow - first one is 'users' and second one is 'sponsors'

September 25, 2017, at 05:57 AM

I'm attempting to cleanup some code that was flagged as being vulnerable to SQL injectionAs such, I am converting a lot of raw SQL query strings over to ActiveRecord's methods

September 25, 2017, at 05:56 AM

This question already has an answer here:

September 25, 2017, at 05:55 AM

I have 2 types of records, ones that start with the Owners name, and others that start with the companies name

September 25, 2017, at 05:54 AM

September 25, 2017, at 05:53 AM

Let's assume that I have 5 tables

September 25, 2017, at 05:52 AM

For years when I want my user to search some field in my database where he can type anything he wants I use an algorithm to break the words and search each word separetely

September 25, 2017, at 05:51 AM

List the customer number, customer name, and sales rep that have the same rep number as customer number 282This will need to be a subquery and do not test for sales rep 35 explicitly

September 25, 2017, at 05:50 AM

Upon compilation of a C# Application, I run into an error such as this:

September 25, 2017, at 05:49 AM

I want to execute a 'CREATE PROCEDURE' command from PHPIs there a way to change the MySQL DELIMITER on a PHP connection? Of course I know how to do it in a console session, but I want to do it from PHP

September 25, 2017, at 05:48 AM

Hi so I've started my Computer Science A Level this year and for the project I am required to implement a DBI already have reasonable knowledge in Java and how to use the LWJGL library

September 25, 2017, at 05:47 AM

September 25, 2017, at 05:46 AM

I am trying to connect to Server A (Ubuntu 1604) remotely from Server B (Ubuntu 16

September 25, 2017, at 05:45 AM

I'm a student and I feel like I'm working on a bit too little information on this one

September 25, 2017, at 05:44 AM

September 25, 2017, at 05:43 AM

I have a little problem with getting the quickest way to work my PHP server (in making a game)

September 25, 2017, at 05:42 AM

When I enter the vehicleID and Date, the records must be sorted by using both vehicle ID and Date, however it doesn't get sorted from the Date but only with the vehicleIDHow can I achieve this ?

September 25, 2017, at 05:40 AM

I know in sql using IFNULL I can replace null valueBut i need this using laravel eloquent and also not use raw sql query in laravel eloquent

September 25, 2017, at 05:39 AM

I would like to create a link within a while loop where the anchor link is a record from the query and the href passes a variable from the same query to another page so I only have to create one page that displays information based on the passed variable

September 25, 2017, at 05:38 AM

Hi I am attempting to join two MySQL tablesThe tables are as follows:

September 25, 2017, at 05:37 AM

I declared RDS variables correctly in myenv file, but I get error:

September 25, 2017, at 05:36 AM

I'm using python 27 with pandas 0

September 25, 2017, at 05:35 AM

I'm getting this error:

September 25, 2017, at 05:34 AM

I have a MySQL table in which a column name is tags and type is VARCHARI'm inserting the data with comma separated:

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How to use $.when in node.js? [duplicate]

How to use $.when in node.js? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:.

Add node to Tree

Add node to Tree

I decided to use nested sets model. [nnn]My table has columns: id, name, lft, rgt, parent_id.

javascript/jquery: on click copy relevant array items to new array

javascript/jquery: on click copy relevant array items to new array

I think I'm missing an obvious answer. I have an array of arrays, like this.