January 17, 2019, at 08:20 AM

I have a Laravel app where this is in a Controller function:

January 17, 2019, at 04:00 AM

I have an array like this

January 17, 2019, at 03:50 AM

I've been working on a blog website on localhostI'm finally ready to move it over to a live server, but many of my queries stopped working! Below is one example of a query that worked, but no longer is working properly

January 17, 2019, at 03:30 AM

I very much appreciate your answers in advanceI have struggled with this for a good week now, and have read and reread the developer documentation many times to no avail

January 17, 2019, at 03:20 AM

I was relying on sprintf('%01f', 2

January 17, 2019, at 02:50 AM

I have a React SPA in the same Laravel projectThe login/signup/logout and all other js views are in the js folder and use axios api calls for all POST/GET requests

January 17, 2019, at 02:30 AM

I got Google SignIn to work properly, but do not know how to only allow users already in my databaseI'm trying to allow only users whose Google email is in the Mail column in the MyTable table

January 17, 2019, at 02:10 AM

Ok, I'm tearing my hair out on this oneI've not worked with a PHP WDSL SOAP CURL XML call at all (all of them individually but not together!) and struggling to get a response or a meaningful error

January 17, 2019, at 02:00 AM

I'm trying to upload some files and in order to that I also need the mimetypesWhile for the first few files mime_content_type seemed to work, I noticed that when the (absolute) path contains certain characters it fails

January 17, 2019, at 01:50 AM

I'm working on a contact form connected to a Database in MySQLI already build the DB and the tables in phpMyAdmin

January 17, 2019, at 01:40 AM

Im trying to create an 'apoderado' or a 'profesor' in it's respective tables while I create an user in table 'users' depending on dropdown selected valueIf it's 'apoderado' create the user and an apoderado, else creates an user and a profesor

January 17, 2019, at 01:30 AM

While trying to upgrade PHP on macOS Mojave 1014

January 17, 2019, at 01:20 AM

I have scope on model post:

January 17, 2019, at 01:10 AM

I have a problem and I do not know how to deal with it, the code is as follows:

January 17, 2019, at 01:00 AM

I'm trying to find a way to shorten the following block of code

January 17, 2019, at 00:30 AM

How I can check if file exists on the url with laravel?

January 17, 2019, at 00:20 AM

I have an array that uses two codes in a list and pushes them into a form on the next pageCurrently I have:

January 16, 2019, at 11:50 PM

My form is set with method=post and enctype="multipart/form-data" with regular submitting form information and photo were updated but when I want to use the Ajax ,everything have been inserted but not my photo!! What is the solution ?

January 16, 2019, at 11:30 PM

Im trying to get people to authorize with spotify and then subscribe their email to a Mailchimp list

January 16, 2019, at 11:20 PM

I need help with writing SQL (or logical procedure) to counting products for each item in product filter

January 16, 2019, at 11:10 PM

I want to do the equivalent of json_decode() in php but with an extended json format exported by MongoDb

January 16, 2019, at 11:00 PM

Here's the problem:

January 16, 2019, at 10:50 PM

I want to add a new element to an array using a functionThis is my code:

January 16, 2019, at 10:40 PM

This question already has an answer here:

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How to use $.when in node.js? [duplicate]

How to use $.when in node.js? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:.

Add node to Tree

Add node to Tree

I decided to use nested sets model. [nnn]My table has columns: id, name, lft, rgt, parent_id.

javascript/jquery: on click copy relevant array items to new array

javascript/jquery: on click copy relevant array items to new array

I think I'm missing an obvious answer. I have an array of arrays, like this.