January 28, 2022, at 04:50 AM

I have the following code below

January 26, 2022, at 7:20 PM

I'm designing a simple templating system for a CMS in PHP which internally currently uses something like:

January 25, 2022, at 06:40 AM

I run php artisan route:cache ,I didn't notice that this command can only run in production and cause this error when I want to run php artisan route:list

January 24, 2022, at 02:20 AM

I have such a code in PHP, but I need to rewrite it in C#Suggest any options please

January 22, 2022, at 7:30 PM

Hello i tried to deploy my symfony app using symfony deploy documentation command and i got this error on my Navigator

January 20, 2022, at 02:30 AM

i have tired to display animal id in views dropdown list when i want add a new animal in my database i cant call id of animal check image beloW i wanna to use loop for in view I have a model

January 18, 2022, at 09:20 AM

I want to change default download location in php Using header function I cant' find a parameter for that This is the definition of header

January 14, 2022, at 9:00 PM

I am working on some new code for my website but sadly I hit a roadblockUsing the following question I was able to setup some code in preparation for my other functionalities

January 13, 2022, at 11:10 AM

I just started creating a website at my home

January 12, 2022, at 04:20 AM

I am trying to install a web app on my Cpanel but I am having a challenge with the above server requirementHow do I solve it? Attached is a screenshot/temp folder Writable No (Make temp folder writable) - Permissions 755 of the problem

January 10, 2022, at 05:00 AM

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January 08, 2022, at 11:20 PM

pls help me to fix thisI am trying to figure out how to avoid users who are not yet approve to post on my platform

January 07, 2022, at 7:00 PM

Good day everyone,

January 06, 2022, at 02:50 AM

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January 04, 2022, at 8:00 PM

im trying to build an podcast site but getting stuck at the backend, i wanna create some speakers for the podcasts, and then it should be also able to put them as "is_moderator"I tryed to do that via a pivot table because one speaker can be moderator for a lot of tracks and also in the other direction

January 01, 2022, at 01:50 AM

By my limited understanding the " / " in an URL defines a path in the file directory the html is suppost to be pulled from

December 30, 2021, at 09:20 AM

Following problem: Myhtaccess is looking like this:

December 28, 2021, at 10:00 AM

I have access to server of our company's websiteI access it using Putty

December 27, 2021, at 01:10 AM

there is form for update data along with image using vue and laravelbut data is not being fetched on backend

December 23, 2021, at 09:30 AM

For example, today is Tuesday, 22-12-2012 For entry I have Wednesday and the number threeI want these dates

December 22, 2021, at 03:50 AM

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December 20, 2021, at 07:30 AM

I have a simple call structure folder with PHP and XML on my serverTo handle my incoming calls for my business

December 18, 2021, at 10:20 PM

Call to undefined method PHPUnit\Framework\TestSuite::sortId()

December 17, 2021, at 2:00 PM

I use Netbeans for my project but it doesn't compile my file and just shows my whatever I have typedIt can't recognize html and php file

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