• Node.js

October 17, 2018, at 1:50 PM

This may be a dumb question as I am still learning nodejs/express

October 17, 2018, at 1:40 PM

I'm using the request lib request in my project and I need to inform to the API of another company (I can't modify the server) that a transaction was didAnyway, to inform to this API I need to use a custom header named api_key and when I try to do this, like that:

October 16, 2018, at 10:00 AM

I am developing this simple app in Node, React and MongodDB(mongoose) where I can register the user and then I can edit the user's informationThe thing is, I am stuck when it comes to display the content I just registered(Edit component)

October 16, 2018, at 09:50 AM

I have a lambda function which has its api-gateway urlAlso, I have a customdomain url associated with it in CloudFront (https://abc

October 15, 2018, at 06:00 AM

I am pushing the react-node app to Heroku using Heroku CLI

October 14, 2018, at 02:20 AM

I'm trying to test a few things inside a callback that deals with user inputI'm using the readline module from nodejs in Jest (similar to the example given in the docs)

October 14, 2018, at 02:10 AM

I use a simple HTA file with CMD commands within JavaScript to install Nodejs module and then run my Nodejs app by the module

October 12, 2018, at 10:30 PM

I am making a service BotIn the intent 'CustomerSatisfaction', I want 'rating' and 'future' as my mandatory entities and 'timetaken' as my optional entity

October 12, 2018, at 10:20 PM

I am developing an application that hits in hundreds of promises to the java tcp server and resolve all promises in promiseAllThe issue is when I hit less than hundred promise then node

October 11, 2018, at 6:40 PM

I am using the code as shown belowHowever I want to include the body in the query string (which I can do fine) - however, I am unsure how to restructure thehttps

October 11, 2018, at 6:30 PM

This question follows on from the following:

October 10, 2018, at 2:30 PM

So I've created the following model with a subschema (allocationAndLocationSchema)Each MovementSchema will have many embedded allocationAndLocationSchemas in it

October 09, 2018, at 10:50 AM

I am calling Oracle SP which fills the data in the record set

October 09, 2018, at 10:40 AM

I am new to nodeJSI am trying to load an index

October 08, 2018, at 07:00 AM

I have a simple schema like below

October 08, 2018, at 06:50 AM

I need NodeJS to prevent concurrent operations for the same requestsFrom what I understand, if NodeJS receives multiple requests, this is what happens:

October 07, 2018, at 03:10 AM

Trying to draw a polygon using Imagemagick inside child-process:

October 05, 2018, at 11:20 PM

I've just installed the latest version of npm live server but I notice that it reload the page twice when record any change in my html Is that the expected behave or is there any kind of error?

October 05, 2018, at 11:10 PM

I have Ubuntu (1804

October 04, 2018, at 7:30 PM

I have the following cron job that I need to execute everyday at 6 and 9AM

October 04, 2018, at 7:20 PM

I started mobile site automation with protractor and appium, so when I run my script, then chrome & emulator are closing automatically, while passing URL [browserget("https://www

October 03, 2018, at 3:40 PM

I am creating a project in Node Js and MongoDB with sending SMSI tried to create a session, when I run the link I got the above error in Postman

October 03, 2018, at 3:30 PM

I have started building ng a platform for students using MERN stack and the website is multipage and has a lot of functionality and stuffI have finished the login page and dashboard and I have to redirect pages after submit

October 02, 2018, at 11:50 AM

I'm trying to serve two separated Reactjs apps using Express

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