• Node.js

December 06, 2018, at 1:10 PM

I have the following serverjs where I run socket

December 05, 2018, at 08:20 AM

I have some Parse Server installations running on Heroku, and I need to get them static IP addressesI've looked into the various add-ons such as Fixie and QuotaGuard Static

December 05, 2018, at 08:10 AM

I have opened a WebSocket server in Nodejs with

December 05, 2018, at 08:00 AM

I am using bcryptjs and nodejs along with firebase, and facing problem in loginThe userinfo (along with hashed password) is getting stored in firebase database (sign-up is working fine), to compare the entered password (by user) with stored password, I am using below method -

December 04, 2018, at 04:30 AM

My router don't use the good path with routeruse()

December 04, 2018, at 04:20 AM

I have written a web scraper with puppeteerIt screens jobs from a job portal

December 04, 2018, at 04:10 AM

I'm having some issues with how my functions flow in lambdaI'm trying to grab value stored in S3, increment it, and put it back

December 03, 2018, at 00:40 AM

I am facing a issue of flattening the output of a a google-trends-api: (Interest over time) :for the keywords: Cariaco','Sucre','Venezuela, in which I got a JSON such as:

December 03, 2018, at 00:30 AM

My favorite feature of httprequest in Node

December 03, 2018, at 00:20 AM

I have a route setup in my express server which sends a post request and adds a new message o my mongoDB database

December 01, 2018, at 8:50 PM

I have a loop that executes 2 functions and pauses the loop for a minute

December 01, 2018, at 8:40 PM

I just wanted to ask if its possible to make a cloud function locally without having to deploy the functionLet's say I wanted to make a script on adding data to firestore

December 01, 2018, at 8:30 PM

New mongoDb and somewhat Node jsI want to add strings of code into a document on Mongodb Atlas, where I have an array waiting to store these strings

November 30, 2018, at 5:00 PM

when i try to send read stream as response i am getting error

November 30, 2018, at 4:50 PM

How to create web push notifications without any thirdparty plugins and how to configure a service worker to receive notifications when off site

November 30, 2018, at 4:40 PM

I have this,

November 29, 2018, at 1:10 PM

Is it possible to save FCM generated token in mysql database? I have nodejs api server (node

November 29, 2018, at 12:50 PM

I built one nodejs app that uses express routing to connect to a mongodb on mlab that listens on a local portI built a React app with nodejs that is listening on another port

November 28, 2018, at 09:20 AM

I downloaded Nodejs via https://nodejs

November 28, 2018, at 09:00 AM

I have an API deployed to google cloud app engine working correctlyI did a successfully deploy yesterday (Nov 26) and everything flows well

November 27, 2018, at 05:30 AM

I am attempting to parse data from an excel file into json on the frontend then take the json data and send it to some backend nodejs for processing and manipulation

November 27, 2018, at 05:20 AM

I'm new to electron and I'm trying to display a simple navbar in the renderer process of Electron with the following html code:

November 27, 2018, at 05:10 AM

I use "sequelize" and PostgreSQL in my applicationI need to find all users and I use "findAll", but how can I exclude a user with id = 1

November 24, 2018, at 9:10 PM

this is my routejs delete function

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How to use $.when in node.js? [duplicate]

How to use $.when in node.js? [duplicate]

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Add node to Tree

Add node to Tree

I decided to use nested sets model. [nnn]My table has columns: id, name, lft, rgt, parent_id.

javascript/jquery: on click copy relevant array items to new array

javascript/jquery: on click copy relevant array items to new array

I think I'm missing an obvious answer. I have an array of arrays, like this.