Django using Celery not performing my task

March 21, 2021, at 03:40 AM

I have been trying for the past 3 days to get django to perfom asynchronous tasks on a periodic schedule. Came across Celery which seemed like a perfect match for my problem but the more I read online the more problems there seemed to exist that I had prepared. Anyway I was able to vaguely glue up together pieces of information to finally come up with a "somewhat solution" because there were so many deprecated modules and methods it was hard to find a working example from start to finish. So I am trying to create a task which will create a certain model object periodically (let's say 30 seconds for sake of the argument). So I installed redis as the "broker", (so I saw fit in other discussions) and managed to set up my task up and running but the problem is that even when it executes, no new model is created, I suspect that it might be cause of maybe a misconfiguration between the local and the settings time-zone but frankly I'm not sure, supposedly it should be able to create new instance when run through django-celery-beat tables in the admin panel

from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals 
from .celery import app as celery_app 
__all__ = ('celery_app',) in the base directory:
from __future__ import absolute_import
import os
from celery import Celery
from django.conf import settings

os.environ.setdefault('DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE', 'firstApp.settings')
app = Celery('myProject')


def debug_task(self):
    print('Request: {0!r}'.format(self.request))

my configuration:
BROKER_URL = 'redis://localhost:6379'
    'Every Minute' : {
        'task' : 'main.tasks.Check_State_Up',
        'schedule' : 30,
note, 'main' is the name of my app
my in main app:
from celery import shared_task 
from django.shortcuts import get_object_or_404
import random 
from .models import CheckUp, Company

def Check_State_Up():
    parentInstance = get_object_or_404(ParentModel, symbol='Symbol')
    def create(parent):
        Widget.objects.create(parent=parent, randomValue=random.randint(100,250))
Note, Parent model has a name and symbol value and widget has a parent, (foreign key) and a random value let's keep in mind that this function works totally fine when called in shell, I just posted it for demostration

Can anyone help me understand what is going wrong here?

Also my logs from celery

celery -A myProject beat -l Info 
celery beat v5.0.5 (singularity) is starting.
__    -    ... __   -        _
LocalTime -> 2021-03-20 18:17:58
Configuration ->
    . broker -> redis://localhost:6379//
    . loader ->
    . scheduler -> celery.beat.PersistentScheduler
    . db -> celerybeat-schedule
    . logfile -> [stderr]@%INFO
    . maxinterval -> 5.00 minutes (300s)
[2021-03-20 18:17:58,033: INFO/MainProcess] beat: Starting...
it also stops and starting...

celery -A myProject worker -l info

 -------------- celery@myDevice v5.0.5 (singularity)
--- ***** -----
-- ******* ---- Windows-10-10.0.18362-SP0 2021-03-20 18:17:50
- *** --- * ---
- ** ---------- [config]
- ** ---------- .> app:         myProject:0x1502743f3d0
- ** ---------- .> transport:   redis://localhost:6379//
- ** ---------- .> results:     disabled://
- *** --- * --- .> concurrency: 4 (prefork)
-- ******* ---- .> task events: OFF (enable -E to monitor tasks in this worker)
--- ***** -----
 -------------- [queues]
                .> celery           exchange=celery(direct) key=celery

  . myProject.celery.debug_task
  . main.tasks.Check_State_Up
[2021-03-20 18:17:51,102: INFO/MainProcess] Connected to redis://localhost:6379//
[2021-03-20 18:17:51,130: INFO/MainProcess] mingle: searching for neighbors
[2021-03-20 18:17:51,904: INFO/SpawnPoolWorker-1] child process 1852 calling
[2021-03-20 18:17:51,922: INFO/SpawnPoolWorker-3] child process 8424 calling
[2021-03-20 18:17:51,955: INFO/SpawnPoolWorker-2] child process 8600 calling
[2021-03-20 18:17:52,002: INFO/SpawnPoolWorker-4] child process 14840 calling

the child process 1000 calling executes only when initated from the admin panel manually, not when started. I hope this is thorough enough to understand. Thank you.

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