PHP command in Bash does not execute code

March 14, 2019, at 10:30 PM

Ok, so I have a problem with this thing I found on a MacBook Air. It's called terminal and you can do crazy stuff on it. So anyways, when I enter the command "php" it gives me a multiline console but it doesn' do anything when I run a line of php! For instance, I type echo "Hello World" but it just returns it like a typewriter and nothing happens! Can someone please tell me what is going on, and is there a way to exit this?

Answer 1

Firstly check if you have php properly installed:

type in console:

php -v

you should see version of installed php for ex.:

PHP 7.3.3 ...

to run single line of code from console you do it this way:

php -r 'echo "\nHello World\n";'

where \n is new line character.

to enter interactive mode and run multiple lines of code:

php -a

and once you see:

Interactive mode enabled

php >


echo "\nHello World\n";

and hit [Enter] key.

that's it.

to leave interactive mode type:


note lack of ; at the end.

If you want to run from console a php code that you have in a file:

php -f <path-to-the-file>

but this is a default behavior of php so if you miss flag -f and just type:


it will do nothing, expecting you providing it a path to file after the php like in the example with flag -f:

php <path-to-file>

So if a programmer intention is to enter an interactive mode but he types only php without any flags, the php will not warn about missing path to the file so programmer may have the impression he's into php interactive mode as he wanted but this is not true.

to see all possible options in php cli, type:

php --help
Answer 2

I believe if you just type php into the terminal it will start a php server process on the local mac. If you want to run a script you have to cd in to to the working directory and type php filename.php.

Answer 3

If you want to use PHP code directly you must enter php -a without a flag you will just enter in php environment.

Answer 4

When running the php command directly from your command line, it behaves as it is reading a .php from the command line

You noticed that it just echo's back any thing you write toward it, this is the same as it is executing a .php file, its echoíng any html back to the browser


$ php
echo 'Hello!';
More data!

ctrl + d (to signal that the end of the filehas reached)


Hello!More data!
Empty Post Data

Empty Post Data

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