how to Move file from local to sftp folder in Laraver with filesystem?

December 07, 2018, at 08:30 AM

i want to move file from my local to another server using sftp, here is my sftp setting in config/filesystem.php

'sftp' => [
        'driver' => 'sftp',
        'host' => '',
        'port' => 22,
        'username' => 'xxx',
        'password' => 'xxx',
        'root' => '/',
        'timeout' => 10,

and here is my code in controller

 $file_local = public_path().'/documents/1.pdf';
 $file_sftp = Storage::disk('sftp')->put('1.pdf', $file_local);
 $move = File::move($file_local, $file_ftp);

i got this error

but in the sftp folder, the file is exist but corrupted, please need your help

Answer 1

777 permission! is the key entrance for evilness! I ldn't configure my apps that way! I would check first if the file still exists in the storage folder ( the file you are renaming ). My second assumption - the file is owned by a completely different user? Normally the entire project should be under one owner! It might be apache.groupName in your case but you should double check. So I would do

ls -la  // in project root directory and grab the ownerUser and ownerGroup names 
// then I ld make sure everything is owned by them - back up your project first before changing ownership!
sudo chown  -R ownerUser.ownerGroup *   // -R for recursive

If not, I would save it else where other than the storage folder. Hope this help you

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