Removing Attribute hidden from All DOM Elements Except That Whose Index is given Using Javascript Function Not Working

August 27, 2018, at 02:00 AM

My Function does not work when i call it. When I Query All Elements And loop over them. I cant get any effect on the UI.

I need to add attribute hidden from all .question and remove .hidden from the one whose index is passed to the Js function. classes when i call the function.

Here is the HTML.

<div class="col-md-12 mb-12 question" hidden="hidden" id="D1">
<div class="col-md-12 mb-12 question" hidden="hidden" id="D2">
<div class="col-md-12 mb-12 question" hidden="hidden" id="D3">
<div class="col-md-12 mb-12 question" hidden="hidden">

Calling the lines in the If condition alone without the loop works. What could i not be doing right here.

function hideothersexcept(index){
    var ALLQNS = $('.question');
    for (i = -1; i < ALLQNS.length; i++) {
        if (index == i) {
            $('#' + getid(index)).removeAttr('hidden')
        } else {
            ALLQNS[index].setAttribute("hidden", "hidden");
function getid(elm) {
     var ALLQNS = $('.question');
     k = ALLQNS[elm].getAttribute("id");
     return k;
Answer 1

Try following code its more clean and succinct then manually looping through all divs and more importantly it works :)

function hideothersexcept(index){                
    $('.question').each(function(elIndex, el){
            if(elIndex == index){
            $(el).attr('hidden', 'hidden');

It will hide all other dive except div containing number 2.

NOTE: indexing is zero-based :)

Please let me know if it does not work.

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