How to access the data from a jquery post in php?

December 10, 2016, at 11:03 AM

I'm using the following in my javascript: "cmssave.php" , html_to_send , done_edit() , "html" )

And on the PHP end I'm trying to get the posted data using:
$data = $_POST['somevar']

The problem is (I assume) I can't find what post variable is being used.
When I do var_dump($_POST)
I get exactly (in my logs): , referer: http://blablabal
However, when i use: print_r( $_REQUEST, true )
I see all my html that has been sent. I've tried using the following to get the correct data out:
$_POST , $_POST[''] , $_POST[0] , $_POST["data"] , $_POST['html_to_send']
But I get nothing. Am I missing something, or do I need to somehow assign that variable in the javascript? If that's the case how would I do that?

Answer 1

You can define the post variable you want to use in jquery like this:

var data = {
  somevar: 'my post value'
} "cmssave.php" , data, done_edit , "html" );

Further you might want to assing the success-function (done_edit) without parentheses, otherwise you would call the success function and assing it's return value.

And in PHP you get the value like this:

$data = $_POST['somevar'];
echo $data;
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