Combining elements of 2 dimentional array

November 23, 2016, at 1:44 PM

I have an JavaScript array:

var arr = [["A",["05",90]],["A",["04",240]],["A",["03",235]],["B",["00",123]],["B",["01",234]]];

I want final array to look like:

var final = [["A",[["05",90],["04",240],["03",235]]],["B",[["00",123],["01",234]]]];

The final array is formed by combining all the 2nd element of 2 dimensional array when the 1st element matches. Please advice how can this be achieved in JavaScript

Answer 1

Object keys are generally the easiest way to create groups like this

var tmp = {}; // temporary grouping object
// loop over data
arr.forEach(function (item) {
    // check if group started
    if (!tmp.hasOwnProperty(item[0])) {
        tmp[item[0]] = [];
    // push data to group
// map temp object to results array
var results = Object.keys(tmp).map(function (key) {
    return [key, tmp[key]];


Answer 2

If you start with the array you gave:

var arr = [["A",["05",90]],["A",["04",240]],["A",["03",235]],["B",["00",123]],["B",["01",234]]];

then create a new array to store the values:

var final = [];

and simply combine all of the third-level elements (such as ["05",90] and ["01",234]) of each second-level ones (such as "A" and "B") by looping through the array:

for(var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
    var found = false;
    for(var j = 0; j < final.length; j++) {
        if(arr[i][0] == final[j][0]) {
            found = true;
    if(!found) {
        final[final.length] = [arr[i][0], [[arr[i][1][0], arr[i][1][1]]]];

This is essentially a sorting method: if the "key" is equal to one in the final array, then it adds it to that one. If not, then appends it to the end of final.

Here's the working example on JSFiddle: link.

This outputs the array:

["A", [["05", 90], ["04", 240], ["03", 235]]], ["B", [["00", 123], ["01", 234]]]

as requested.

Also, as @PaulS commented, it would be recommended to use Objects instead as Strings, to make them Key-Value pairs. But in my answer I stuck with arrays.

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