Add options to my Select2

November 26, 2016, at 5:43 PM

I have one problem. I use Select2 in my page, and I would like to modify it a little. This is my example:

<select id="mySelect" multiple>
    <!-- -->
var data = [{
    id: 1, 
    text: "sample_1", 
    version: "1"
    id: 2, 
    text: "sample_2", 
    version: "2"    
    data: data

JSFIDDLE example

In this example displays the text from the downloaded JSON. But what if I wanted a to modify the search? When entering text, it appears next to a third value version with JSON, but if I click on value version will not add to select.

Eg. When i Search in select, my select looks like:

- text_1 - "version"
- text_2 - "version"

but if I click some option, for example text_1, that only adds to the select box text_1 no version, that is, as far. I think that the example of Templating shows a bit of my problem. Only when you click, for example, in Alaska flag disappears and the text remains in the select

Any suggestions how I can do this?

Answer 1

With templateSelection and templateResult you can control both the search results and the view of selected item

  templateSelection: function(val) {
    return val.text +" - " + "version" + val.version;
  templateResult: function(val) {
    return val.text +" "+ val.version;
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