Expo360º : 360º Product Viewer in jQuery

February 21, 2017, at 3:11 PM
Expo360º : 360º Product Viewer in jQuery

Your customer not only gets a better look and feel of the product that you are presenting, it also is a cool feature on your website that will blow everyone away!.Opposite to existing 360° viewers available online, this viewer and offers great interaction on . What makes it even more unique is the extensive set of configurations possible. It allows you to create a look and feel that will match your online presence perfectly.

  • Easy 360° views of your products;
  • Easily change the width and height of the viewer;
  • Loads ;
  • ;
  • Add to show details;
  • Custom cursor;
  • functionality with support;
  • Optional zoom navigation window;
  • Use as a fancy with a single image.