jQuery Top Currency Converter Plugin

March 01, 2017, at 6:25 PM
jQuery Top Currency Converter Plugin

– a jQuery Plugin that creates a Currency Converter Widget. Top Currency Converter allows to Convert Currencies using Real-time Updated rates. Easy to integrate for any website. Autocomplete, Text based Calculator and 10 Different Styles are just some of the features included, to make the use of Top Currency Converter Easy and Powerful.

  • Autocomplete/Dropdown for Choosing Currencies
  • Text Calculator (+, -, *, /, ^ and more)
  • Live Updated Rates (based on Yahoo API or Your Own)
  • Classic Theme and Inline Theme
  • 10 Different Styles
  • Support of Up to 173 currencies
  • Full Localization Support (LTR & RTL Languages)
  • All Texts are Customizable
  • No Server-Side Required