How to store and deal with big chuncks of text between Javascript and HTML

January 24, 2021, at 2:40 PM

So , I'm using HTML , css and JavaScript, I did a form , where the user will give different data, like name , adress , ID number , etc and I want to introduce those values into a preformatted text (like a renting contract)... Should be easy , right?

What I did :

1 - I have created an HTML form which will take in info from the user , like name, adress , etc

2 - I will store the data provided into JavaScript variables.

let ProprietarioName;
let ArrendatarioName;
let Duracao;
function UpdateVariables()
    Proprietario = document.getElementById("ProprietarioNome").value;
    Arrendatario = document.getElementById("ArrendatarioNome").value;
    Duracao = document.getElementById("Duracao").value;

3 - Introduce the variables within the location desired of the text.

What I want to know :

4 - The text is quite long , I dont know where to save it or how. How should I handle a big text like that of a contract , if I can't save it to a variable or an array or ... I don't know, something!

5 - Where should I save that text (let's say ipssum lorem) so that then I can introduce the variable inside that text? Into the HTML file or the JavaScript file ?

This is a very noobs question , sorry.

Answer 1

Two ideas:

  1. Save in hidden textarea tags
<textarea id="ProprietarioNome" style="display: none;"></textarea>
  1. Save data to local storage. . The advantage over local storage is that it persists when pages are reloaded.
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