add values of 5 text boxes and show the esult in 6th tetbo on the keypress vent of 5 th textbox

May 18, 2019, at 3:00 PM

i have 6 text boxes with id a,b,c,d,e,f.out of these i enter value for 5.i

want to get result like a+b+max(c,d,e) in 6th text box on the keypress event

of 5 th textbox.

i write code in javascipt but it doesnt work

function max_sum() {
    var p = document.getElementById('p').value;
    var c = document.getElementById('c').value;
    var b = document.getElementById('b').value;
    var m = document.getElementById('m').value;
    var cs = document.getElementById('cs').value;
    var s = Math.max(b,m,cs);
    var total = parseInt(p) + parseInt(c)+ parseInt(s)
    if (!isNaN(total)) {
        document.getElementById('total').value = total;

i call my function here

<td width="69" style="text-align: center" colspan="1">
    <input name="cs" type="text" class="txtm" id="cs" size="6" required="required" onkeypress="return MoveNext('total', event.keyCode);,max_sum();"/>
Answer 1

Most likely, you JS console contains Uncaught ReferenceError: max_sum is not defined.

Assign your max_sum function to global variable:

window.max_sum = function() {
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