View java server code

June 14, 2017, at 10:25 AM

I'm trying to view the source code for a component in a web application.

On line 106, does anyone know how I can view what the server actually does (i.e. the source code executed) when it executes this query? I cannot "step into" it on IntelliJ. When I go to the declaration of .query(), it opens up the class. My understanding is that the server is wrapped around the source code, and handles all requests to it. However, it is strange that even when running the server locally (via localhost:8080) and doing remote debugging (via localhost:5005) I can't view what's going on under the hood.

response = this.server.query(query);

In summary, I just want to know the code being executed by this.server.query(query). Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I think the main issue is that I'm doing "remote debugging". If this is the case, what approach should I take to view the code? The full source code is hosted on github (append /phenotips/phenotips to the main github site).
and I have already compiled and built it on my computer.

Image of IntelliJ screen

My understanding of what's going on

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