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October 09, 2017, at 09:07 AM

I'm trying to define a class Expression, which can represent any mathematical expression as its name suggests. It takes a String and uses its information to store the expression in its fields.

So its constructor should look like this:

        public Expression(String expr)

When I make an instance of this class, I want to be able give its constructor any type of variables or sequence thereof and make the constructor convert it into a String. For example, I want to be able to write:

Expression e1 = new Expression(aNumber*x + anInt*y) 

instead of

Expression e1 = new Expression("" + aNumber+"*x+" + anInt+"*y+")

where x and y are not declared or initialised variables, but symbols to be converted into the String (aNumber and anInt are declared and initialised.)

So my question is: Can I automate the process of concatenating Numbers and Strings in the constructor into an easily usable one, as shown above?

Thanks in advance!

Answer 1

You have to actually implement it, something like:

public class Expression {
    private final String expr;
    public Expression(Object... args){
        this.expr = Arrays.asList(args).stream().map(Object::toString).collect(Collectors.joining());
    public String getExpr() {
        return expr;

And then:

new Expression(aNumber, "*x + ", anInt, "*y");
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