How to mock in Java (except using inside Junit Test Case)?

February 28, 2018, at 5:46 PM

I have used TextFromStandardInputStream with JUnit Test Case, which works fine. But now I want to mock StandardInputStream outside Test Cases for my requirements. I have used the same TextFromStandardInputStream outside the Test Case but it didn't work at all. So, is there any way to do the work done?

Sample of StandardInputStream with Test Case that I have used

public final TextFromStandardInputStream systemInMock = emptyStandardInputStream();

Inside Test Case :

Answer 1

You can use Aspect Oriented Programming to intercept to and do mocking instead of calling real AspectJ or Spring AOP might be a starting point.

Answer 2

You could set system in to your mock by using System.setIn(), assuming you've stubbed your input stream:


This works with a normal input stream:

System.setIn(new ByteArrayInputStream("yes".getBytes()));
System.out.println(;// outputs 121

Likewise, you can reset it if you stored it in a variable before setting to the value of the mock.

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