Finding a record in an interval in Guava Cache

January 27, 2017, at 10:34 AM

I am evaluating some results with Spring SpEL and I would like to cache those results so I don't have to evaluate expressions with same parameters.

My cached key object:

public class CachedResult {
    private String baseName;
    private Interval interval;
    public boolean isBetweenInclusive(final DateTime date) {
        return interval.contains(date) || interval.getEnd().isEqual(date);

My solution to find a record with interval that covers the given dateTime:

public String getEvaluatedResult(final String baseName, final DateTime dateTime) {
    return cache.asMap().entrySet()
            .filter(entry -> entry.getKey().getBaseName().equals(baseName) && entry.getKey().isBetweenInclusive(dateTime))

I wanted to make use of cache.get(key, valueLoader) method so that it can put values in the cache itself if needed, but I can't think of a way to make use of isBetweenInclusive and this method.

My attempt with a comment where I got into problems:

public class MyCache {
    private final Cache<CachedResult, String> cache;
    public DefaultRolloverCache(final int expiration) {
        this.cache = CacheBuilder.newBuilder()
                .expireAfterWrite(expiration, TimeUnit.MINUTES)
    public String getFileName(final String baseName, final DateTime dateTime, final Callable<String> valueLoader) {
        try {
            return cache.get(new CachedResult(baseName, null/*How to find an interval that covers the given dateTime?*/), valueLoader);
        } catch (final ExecutionException e) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException(String.format("Cannot read fileName from cache with basename: '%s' and dateTime: %s", baseName, dateTime), e);

I call this method like:

cache.getFileName(baseName, new DateTime(), () -> doSlowCalculations(baseName));

Ofcourse, since I don't know how to use the mentioned method, I have to use cache.put(new CachedResult(...)) to put records in the cache myself.

Is there a better way to filter the Cache than calling asMap and filtering it like a Map? Can I somehow use the cache.get(key, valueLoader) or even Guavas CacheLoader so that it can put values in automatically?

As the performance goes, I will have at maximum 5-10 records in it at one time, but I will read a lot from it, so read times are very important to me and I'm not sure if my current implementation that iterates over 5-10 records all the time and checks each of them is the best approach.

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