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September 23, 2017, at 03:26 AM

Guys I am creating an Online Android App, my server-side is taken care with php. Everything is going good. The app is working as per my concept.

Now I need to add a new feature in my app where i means the server need to know if the user is online now in his android app. How can i achieve this. Please help me out.

In the app when a user first downloaded and run the app, he/she need to register first and then login, as soon as he logs in, I stored his login data in "SharedPreferences", so that no need for the user to login every-time he opens the app.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer 1

You can implement this method on Activity to keep knowledge that user is interacting with application (Online/Active/Not interacting, etc.). You can post your status to the server in this method.

public void onUserInteraction() 
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Up until now we were using the in app purchaces api using the IabHelper classes that Google was giving in the form of raw code so that we could "rewrite" it and make it difficult for a hacker to reverse engineer it, trace the code and remove it and then upload...

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