How do we show a notification in the OS with React Native and Android?

January 13, 2018, at 09:21 AM

So I just set up a Firebase function to send notifications to my devices and I added react-native-firebase to my project so I signin, get a token and receive notifications.

The notification is getting received by the device, but I dont know how to show it in the UI. I wanted to show that box with a message with some text and eventually an icon.

What library should I use now? I tried to install react-native-push-notifications to use the local notification feature. But there seems to be a conflict with versions of Google Services both libraries use

What should i do?

Android 8.0 Oreo RunningServiceInfo returns 0 services

Android 8.0 Oreo RunningServiceInfo returns 0 services

my Oneplus 5 just updated to Oreo and something has brokenI have a simple widget which starts and stops some service

In App purchase in Libgdx [on hold]

In App purchase in Libgdx [on hold]

I am planing to integrate in-app purchase in my Libgdx game but unfortunately Libgdx does not have a good (in-app purchasing) implementation tutorial on their Github wiki and the only source is to look into https://githubcom/libgdx/gdx-pay so I copy-pasted...

Using fragments with NativeActivity

Using fragments with NativeActivity

I have a fully working C++/OpenGL engine that I ported over to Android using their supplied NativeActivityBut I'm now tasked with integrating it to an older project which was 100% Java, with plenty of Fragments