Android Studio - RecyclerView with API level 19 (API 19)

May 09, 2022, at 03:40 AM

I need to use RecyclerView with API 19 (API level 19).

I already have tried adding

implementation ''


implementation 'androidx.recyclerview:recyclerview:1.0.0'

in build.gradle but no success. I am new to Android development. I have checked 3-4 similar questions but no solution worked for me. Please if someone can tell me all of the changes I need to make in build.gradle, XML and/or in manifest file?

Thank you!

Answer 1

For these cases, apart from the things you mentioned, I also invalidate cache and restart. This helps me a lot sometimes.

Answer 2

I was able to run successfully after re-synching and re-building. If anyone faces this issue in future then add

implementation 'androidx.recyclerview:recyclerview:1.0.0'

in build.gradle (Module) and then use


in XML. You will have to sync because of the change in build.gradle.

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