Compliance shoe sizes

The following calculator will be very useful to those who decided to buy or order over the Internet new shoes. The fact is that in different countries, shoe sizes are written differently, this must be ordered very carefully.

If you are wearing, for example, shoe size 43, the English adult size at the same time will be 8.5. If you order 43 shoe size with America, there are still other figures: the US men's 9.5, and women 11. As you can see there is a difference in the sizes of shoes men's and women's.

Hopefully, this topic has been useful to you, who want more to read about shoe sizes in these countries, you can do it on the page:

Converter size shoes
 UK (English) adult:
 UK (English) children:
 US (American) men's:
 US (American) women's:
 US (American) children: