Apply loc for 2 columns values Pandas

January 24, 2018, at 7:08 PM

I´m tying to loc a dataframe with 2 columns parameters: if I do paises_cpm = df.loc[a]is working but if I do paises_cpm = df.loc[a,b] I receive an error: IndexingError: Unalignable boolean Series provided as indexer (index of the boolean Series and of the indexed object do not match

import pandas as pd
import time

fecha = time.strftime(str((int(time.strftime("%d")))-1))
subastas = int(fecha) * 5000
impresiones = int(fecha) * 1000
df = pd.read_csv('Cliente_x_Pais.csv')
a = df['Subastas'] > subastas
b = df['Impresiones_exchange'] > impresiones

paises_cpm = df.loc[a,b]
paises_cpm.to_csv('paises_cpm.csv', index=False)
Answer 1

You need chain conditions with | for or or & for and:

paises_cpm = df.loc[a | b]


paises_cpm = df.loc[a & b]

There is possible one line solution, but parentheses are necessary:

paises_cpm = df.loc[(df['Subastas'] > subastas) | (df['Impresiones_exchange'] > impresiones)]
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