Trying to Create WP Category Archive on Site the Uses Timber and AJAX Load More Plugin

March 14, 2019, at 9:40 PM

I inherited a Wordpress website that uses the Timber templating engine. I'm not overly familiar with Timber, but I've been able to learn enough to make simple edits to this point.

Currently the client did not dabble in categorizing their blog posts, but now they want to. I was able to display and link their post categories fine in the current archive, but they also want to be able to click on the category for each post and have that link to that specific category archive. The current default WP archive URL structure ( just displays all of the posts, regardless of category. I determined was because the former dev implemented the AJAX Load More plugin, so basically the entire archive page is generated by this line of code:

{% set ajaxShortcode = '[ajax_load_more id="23546321" container_type="div" post_type="post" posts_per_page="4" scroll="false" button_label="View Older"]' %}

I've determined I can add a category parameter into that shortcode and it will display only posts of that category, so that's great.

My question is, how can I dynamically include that category into the shortcode? I was thinking I could derive it from the URL (somehow use something like

$context[url_category] = TimberUrlHelper::get_params(2);

), but I couldn't figure out how to do that, and it felt sort of hacky anyway.

Could someone please nudge me in the right direction?

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