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September 20, 2021, at 6:40 PM

As a beginner Laravel, as using it for few weeks, I find it very frustrating and lost with Rinvex Laravel address and their instruction is a bit lost for beginner people like me, I have lookup google and seems not many details or induction on Rinvex Laravel Address


I have completed without issue

Install the package via composer:

composer require rinvex/laravel-addresses

Publish resources (migrations and config files):

php artisan rinvex:publish:addresses

Execute migrations via the following command:

php artisan rinvex:migrate:addresses


I have done above without any issue and add trait in model

To add addresses support to your eloquent models simply use \Rinvex\Addresses\Traits\Addressable trait.

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use Rinvex\Addresses\Traits\Addressable;

on user app

namespace App;
use App\Models\League;
use Illuminate\Contracts\Auth\MustVerifyEmail;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Auth\User as Authenticatable;
use Illuminate\Notifications\Notifiable;
use Spatie\Permission\Traits\HasRoles;
use Laravel\Passport\HasApiTokens;
use Mpociot\Teamwork\Traits\UserHasTeams;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use Rinvex\Addresses\Traits\Addressable;
use Storage;

class User extends Authenticatable
    use HasApiTokens,Notifiable,HasRoles;
    use UserHasTeams;
     * The attributes that are mass assignable.
     * @var array
    protected $fillable = [
        'name', 'firstname','surname','email', 'password', 'avatar'
     * The attributes that should be hidden for arrays.
     * @var array
    protected $hidden = [
        'password', 'remember_token',
     * The attributes that should be cast to native types.
     * @var array
    protected $casts = [
        'email_verified_at' => 'datetime',

    public function get_roles(){
        $roles = [];
        foreach ($this->getRoleNames() as $key => $role) {
            $roles[$key] = $role;
        return $roles;
    // get avatar url attribute
    public function getAvatarUrlAttribute()
        return Storage::disk('s3')->url($this->avatar);

but this next step where I am lost, as it said on the model but I assume it is more like a controller page?

// Get instance of your model

$user = new \App\Models\User::find(1);
// Create a new address
    'label' => 'Default Address',
    'given_name' => 'Abdelrahman',
    'family_name' => 'Omran',
    'organization' => 'Rinvex',
    'country_code' => 'eg',
    'street' => '56 john doe st.',
    'state' => 'Alexandria',
    'city' => 'Alexandria',
    'postal_code' => '21614',
    'latitude' => '31.2467601',
    'longitude' => '29.9020376',
    'is_primary' => true,
    'is_billing' => true,
    'is_shipping' => true,
// Create multiple new addresses
// Find an existing address
$address = app('rinvex.addresses.address')->find(1);
// Update an existing address
    'label' => 'Default Work Address',
// Delete address
// Alternative way of address deletion
$user->addresses()->where('id', 123)->first()->delete();

I have tried to put this code above on the model.

then I create PHP blade pages

<div class="form-group">
       <label for="Street">{{ __('Street')}}</label>
       <input type="Street" value="{{Auth::user()->addresses->street}}" class="form-control" name="Street" id="Street">

but an error appears on it

ErrorException Trying to get property 'street' of non-object (View: C:\laravelCrud\resources\views\common\profile.blade.php)

it doesn't make sense as I would like to see the user have their own home address

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