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October 12, 2017, at 5:20 PM

i want to compare two values in one php array but the code stops when i compare even when the conditions is true i want to know how can i compare the two values here is my code :

foreach($newarray as $newarray1){
    while ($newarray1[$i]!==$newarray1[$j]){ // the iteration dont get in here even when the condition is true
    if ($i=$j){
Answer 1

In your while loop, does $j+1 should not be $j++ or $j = $j + 1 ?

I know it's not the problem your asking...but same for your $i+1 at the end and your $cmpt

Now I think you want this :

$values = ['abc','def', 'hij','klm', 'def', 'klm','nop'];
$couleurs = ['rouge','vert','bleu','jaune','rose'];
$couleurPourValeur = [];
$increment = 0;
foreach($values as $value){
        $couleurPourValeur[$value] = $couleurs[$increment];
Answer 2

This is probably because of the line


your both variables ($i and $j) are not being updated in the while loop, causing an infinite loop. ( checking the same values all the time, if the condition is true an infinite loop, else the code will never enter the loop and exit. )

change $j+1; with either $j++; or $j = $j + 1;

Moreover as @apomene shows,

if your array can have multiple types,

The !== operator checks both the type and the equality. If your array has same types ( for e.g int ) this would not create a problem tho. With the same types !== and != are the same thing practically. Else, it (!==) also checks for type equality. To elaborate,

$a = 1;
$b = '1';
$c = 2;
$d = 1;
$a == $b  //  TRUE   ( different type, equal after conversion - char <-> int)
$a === $b //  FALSE( different types - int vs char)
$a == $c  //  FALSE( same type not equal)
$a === $d //  TRUE ( same type and equal)

Further reading available in this question.

Lastly, you seem to have a confusion between assignment and comparison of a variable. ( $i = $j vs $i == $j )

Check the php manual for assignment vs comparison of variables.

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