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October 06, 2017, at 9:41 PM

I have existing PHP application, I want to create rich component with React.

In my application I don't have api to React integration, I think the easiest way could be just print data from PHP to HTML as JSON and load this data from React.

For illustration:

<?php $data = ..some data loaded from DB.. ?>
<div id="react-component-root" data="<?= json($data) ?>">

Question is: What is the best solution to share data from PHP generated HTML to React?

Best = easy and working

Answer 1

In HTML can be

<div class="react-component" data="{a:1,b:1,c:[1,2,3]}"></div>
<div class="react-component" data="{a:2,b:1,c:[1,2,3]}"></div>
<div class="react-component" data="{a:3,b:1,c:[1,2,3]}"></div>

And in JS

import React from 'react'
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
import _ from 'lodash'
const Component = (props) => {
    return <div>{JSON.stringify(props)}</div>
_.forEach(document.getElementsByClassName('react-component'), (element) => {
    ReactDOM.render(<Component data={element.getAttribute('data')} />, element)
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