Getting an PHP enum from dynamic name

May 25, 2022, at 10:50 AM

I´m trying to create an php 8.1 enum from a dynamic name. Seems not to be possible. So given an enum

enum Foo {
    case bar;

The following works of course: Foo::bar While this doesn´t:

$name = "bar";

This results in: Access to undeclared static property App\Console\Commands\Foo::$bar

I tried various tricks here, to no avail. It seems not to be possible to get an enum instance from a dynamic name. My custom and quick workaround looks like this, a static factory:

 * @throws \Exception
public static function fromName(string $name) : self {
    foreach(Foo::cases() as $enum){
        if($enum->name === $name){
            return $enum;
    throw new \Exception("Not a valid enum name");

I could put this in a trait and inherit this in all my enums, yes, problem solved.

My question is: am I missing something here? Is it really not possible to instantiate an enum with native php methods? Or am I thinking in the wrong direction?

The pre php8.1 class-as-enum composer packages used to have those convenience methods, see So why is this pretty common case not part of the specification (just curious)?

Answer 1

Could you maybe do something like this?

enum Status {
  case OK;
  case DENIED;
$name = "OK";
$reflection = new \ReflectionEnum(Status::class);
if ( $reflection->hasConstant( $name ) ) {
  var_dump($reflection->getConstant( $name ));

Output: enum(Status::OK)

Answer 2

Alternatively, you could make your enum backed and use the ::from method.

// note: type-hinting required
enum Status: int
    case OK = 200;
    case ERROR = 500;
$statusValue = 200;
$status = Status::from($statusValue);
(returns Status::OK)

If you're using Laravel casting, I believe it requires you to use a backed enum anyway. And in your model you just need to add that cast on your model

protected $casts = [
    'status' => \App\Emums\Status::class,
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