NodeJs readfilesync returns NAN not file contents

April 15, 2018, at 10:40 PM

I have written a code for reading a file contents while i running it does not returns file contents but NAN. Below is my code:-

var fs = require('fs');
if (fs.existsSync('Temp')){
console.log('Directory exists, removing...');
fs.writeFileSync('test.txt', 'This is some test text for the file2');
fs.renameSync('test.txt', 'new.txt');
console.log('File has size:', + fs.statSync('new.txt').size + ' bytes');
console.log('File contents:', + fs.readFileSync('new.txt', {encoding: 'utf8'}));
Answer 1

You're using the unary operator which converts anything to number instead of concatenating the output.

You either, remove the comma (,) from your console.log and use string concatenation, or remove the + and send the content as console.log second argument.

// I'm concatenating here
console.log('File contents:' + fs.readFileSync('new.txt', {encoding: 'utf8'}));
// I'm sending the content as second argument of console.log
console.log('File contents:', fs.readFileSync('new.txt', {encoding: 'utf8'}));

What you are doing, can be translated to this, which will return NaN unless new.txt content is a number.

    'File contents:', 
    Number(fs.readFileSync('new.txt', {encoding: 'utf8'}))

console.log('File content: ', + 'new.txt content'); // NaN 
console.log('File content: ', Number('new.txt content')); // NaN 
console.log('File content: ', 'new.txt content'); // ok 
console.log('File content: ' + 'new.txt content'); // ok

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