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September 19, 2017, at 1:49 PM

Using grpc from either nodejs or java, what are the properties or configuration necessary to get a grpc client to connect to a server through a proxy?

I have been unable to find either an example or a document explaining the settings. Do I need to do something in the code itself?

I am behind a proxy and I am not sure if the issue is that my settings are incorrect or that my proxy does not support grpc. It supports http/2 as a protocol upgrade.

My proxy settings in java are:

Answer 1

Since grpc-java 1.0.3 you can specify the environment variable GRPC_PROXY_EXP with a value in the form host:port. The "EXP" means experimental, as it will be removed after grpc-java observes the normal Java settings (like https.proxyHost).

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I am implementing a custom EventEmitter in Node jsThe following function() is supposed to count the number of listeners(subscribers) for a particular "eventName"

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I am trying to use WebdriverIO's execute method to pass a browser object like this:

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I'm using loopback3 and I'm thinking about optimising the codebase now, what is the point of injecting the application object as a parameter to getUser method from afterRemote hook https://loopbackio/doc/en/lb2/Remote-hooks

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I 've got websocket nodejs server on socketio