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September 25, 2017, at 09:28 AM

I have a method that subscribes to a websocket to receive its information. It then uses this information to compare parts of it to locally populated variables. However, These locally populated variables arent static, they're re-calculated every 5 minutes.

Here's an example:

function subscribeToTicker(ticker, indicator){
    subscribe(something, obj ==>{
        var percentVariance = ((obj.price-indicator)/indicator)*100;
        if (variance > 1.5){
function calculateIndicator(ticker){
    indicator = SomeCalculation;
    subscribeToTicker('ABC', indicator);        
setInterval(function(){calculateIndicator();}, 300000);

Essentially, the calculateIndicator function is supposed to run every 5 minutes, update the indicator and pass it to the websocket itself.

With the example above I end up creating a NEW websocket connection every 5 mins, and essentially making the check on two different values. What would be a creative way to pass indicator in a way that its constantly fetching the newer value?

I considered writing the indicator out to a JSON file and reading the file over and over, but it seems rather inefficient (and don't really know if this would work).

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