Trying to execute an update query where rows are variables from TEdit

May 02, 2021, at 5:50 PM

I have a table which has values that need to be updated. There are quite a few typos as different people have added items in the past, so I have to use 'like' despite everything.

I created a Form with all the necessary fields that need updating. I used simple TEdit and a TLabel. The plan is that one picks a type of item from an edit box and also use a TListBox.

Then one adds the information to be updated into each TEdit.

I create an update procedure as follows:

MyQuery1.SQL.Text := ' UPDATE TheTable SET iName = edtName.text WHERE iType like "%edtType.text%" ';
MyQuery1.SQL.Text := ' UPDATE TheTable SET iPart = edtPart.text WHERE iType like "%edtType.text%" ';

My problem is passing the edtVariables in the correct format. How does one add the "% before and %" after the edtVariable?

I tried '"%'+edtPart.text+'%"' and such like, but I've never had to do this at runtime before.

Answer 1

Using FireDAC in a parametrized query, you use ':' in front of a parameter name:

MyQuery1.SQL.Text := 'UPDATE TheTable SET iName = :NameText WHERE iType like :TheValue';

Then you set the parameter value before executing the request:

MyQuery1.ParamByName('TheValue').AsString := EdtType.Text;
MyQuery1.ParamByName('NameText').AsString := EdtName.Text;
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