Why is my Javascript mobile keyboard not working?

December 15, 2018, at 8:10 PM

I am making a javascript keyboard. I was having problems making it and I do not know why. I did all the debugging things I could and could not find a solution. This is my following code:

$(function() { 
  var $write = $('#write'), 
    shift = false, 
    capslock = false; 
  $('#keyboard li').click(function() { 
    var $this = $(this), 
      character = $this.html(); // If it's a lowercase letter, nothing happens to this variable 
    // Shift keys 
    if ($this.hasClass('left-shift') || $this.hasClass('right-shift')) { 
      $('.symbol span').toggle(); 
      shift = (shift === true) ? false : true; 
      capslock = false; 
      return false; 
    // Caps lock 
    if ($this.hasClass('capslock')) { 
      capslock = true; 
      return false; 
    // Delete 
    if ($this.hasClass('delete')) { 
      var html = $write.html(); 
      $write.html(html.substr(0, html.length - 1)); 
      return false; 
    // Special characters 
    if ($this.hasClass('symbol')) character = $('span:visible', $this).html(); 
    if ($this.hasClass('space')) character = ' '; 
    if ($this.hasClass('tab')) character = "\t"; 
    if ($this.hasClass('return')) character = "\n"; 
    // Uppercase letter 
    if ($this.hasClass('uppercase')) character = character.toUpperCase(); 
    // Remove shift once a key is clicked. 
    if (shift === true) { 
      $('.symbol span').toggle(); 
      if (capslock === false) $('.letter').toggleClass('uppercase'); 
      shift = false; 
    // Add the character 
    $write.html($write.html() + character); 
<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js"></script>

This is my HTML code

<html xmlns= xml:lang="en" lang="en">
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/style.css" /> 
  <div id="container">
    <textarea id="write" rows="6" cols="60"></textarea>
    <ul id="keyboard"> 
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">`</span><span class="on">~</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">1</span><span class="on">!</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">2</span><span class="on">@</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">3</span><span class="on">#</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">4</span><span class="on">$</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">5</span><span class="on">%</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">6</span><span class="on">^</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">7</span><span class="on">&amp;</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">8</span><span class="on">*</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">9</span><span class="on">(</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">0</span><span class="on">)</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">-</span><span class="on">_</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">=</span><span class="on">+</span></li>
      <li class="delete lastitem">delete</li>
      <li class="tab">tab</li>
      <li class="letter">q</li>                      
      <li class="letter">w</li>         
      <li class="letter">e</li>
      <li class="letter">r</li>                          
      <li class="letter">t</li>
      <li class="letter">y</li>
      <li class="letter">u</li>
      <li class="letter">i</li>
      <li class="letter">o</li>
      <li class="letter">p</li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">[</span><span class="on">{</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">]</span><span class="on">}</span></li>
      <li class="symbol lastitem"><span class="off">\</span><span class="on">|</span></li>
      <li class="capslock">caps lock</li>
      <li class="letter">a</li>
      <li class="letter">s</li>    
      <li class="letter">d</li>
      <li class="letter">f</li>
      <li class="letter">g</li>
      <li class="letter">h</li>    
      <li class="letter">j</li>
      <li class="letter">k</li>
      <li class="letter">l</li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">;</span><span class="on">:</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">'</span><span class="on">&quot;</span></li>
      <li class="return lastitem">return</li>
      <li class="left-shift">shift</li>
      <li class="letter">z</li>
      <li class="letter">x</li>
      <li class="letter">c</li>
      <li class="letter">v</li>
      <li class="letter">b</li>
      <li class="letter">n</li>
      <li class="letter">m</li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">,</span><span class="on">&lt;</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">.</span><span class="on">&gt;</span></li>
      <li class="symbol"><span class="off">/</span><span class="on">?</span></li>
      <li class="right-shift lastitem">shift</li>
      <li class="space lastitem">&nbsp;</li> 
  <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  <script type="text/javascript" src="js/keyboard.js"></script>

Can some brilliant minded person please help me? I think that I have messed up on the curly brackets or semicolons because I always mess up on that. If someone needs additional details please let me know.

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