Using JQuery to change HTML button image causes styling issues

November 26, 2016, at 8:08 PM

I have a standard HTML button which triggers some Ajax when pressed. I'm using JQuery to disable the button and display a progress GIF while I'm awaiting the return.

For some reason setting the background image of the button causes it to lose other styling and go out of alignment with its neighbours.

I've tried wrapping it in divs, setting all sorts of margins and positions and I can't get it to work.

Any suggestions?

FYI: I have no problem using <input> instead of <button> if that's easier.




var mybutton = $('#MyButton'); 
if (mybutton) 
{ { 
        // Disable 
        mybutton.prop('disabled', true); 
        // Hide text 
        // Set image 
        mybutton.css("background", "url('') no-repeat 32px center"); 
        // Wait 5 seconds to simulate slow Ajax return 
        setTimeout(continueExecution, 3000); 
function continueExecution() 
    // Reset button back to normal 
    mybutton.css("background", ""); 
    mybutton.prop('disabled', false); 
font-size: 20px; 
    width: 200px; 
    height: 30px; 
    margin-left: 5px; 
    margin-right: 5px; 
    height: 40px; 
    width: 100px; 
<script src=""></script> 
<span id="Label_Guid">GUID:</span> 
<input id="Textbox_Guid" type="text" name="guid"> 
<button id="MyButton">Check</button>

Answer 1

The only thing you need to do is add the css to your button:

vertical-align: middle;

Your issue isn't coming from the background image, or the disable, it's because there is no content in the button. Without content, the default vertical alignment is changing its position.

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