Same JavaScript file for multiple JSON files, but selecting which JSON data is shown in a specific part of the site

April 16, 2018, at 07:15 AM

I am trying to set-up a website which would contain multiple quizzes - all on a different topic but all in the same multiple-choice format. What I would like to do is have each topic placed in different parts of the website (something I am doing with HTML/CSS).

I have the questions and answers data of each topic saved in individual JSON files, and the JavaScript code below is the quiz logic (which works) which I would like to apply to all the JSON files.

However, I cannot find a solution which would allow me to have the same JavaScript code read multiple JSON files and then allow me to select 'place' the quiz wherever I want on the website. What I am after is the re-usability of the code to read multiple JSON files but then allow me to choose which data from a particular JSON file should be shown in a particular place.

Here is the JavaScript:

var app = angular.module('myQuiz',[]);
$scope.score = 0;
$scope.activeQuestion = -1;
$scope.activeQuestionAnswered = 0;
$scope.percentage = 0;
var superbag = function(sup, sub) {
var i, j;
for (i=0,j=0; i<sup.length && j<sub.length;) {
    if (sup[i] < sub[j]) {
    } else if (sup[i] == sub[j]) {
        ++i; ++j;
    } else {
        // sub[j] not in sup, so sub not subbag
        return false;
// make sure there are no elements left in sub
return j == sub.length;}
var contains = function(needle) {
// Per spec, the way to identify NaN is that it is not equal to itself
var findNaN = needle !== needle;
var indexOf;
if(!findNaN && typeof Array.prototype.indexOf === 'function') {
    indexOf = Array.prototype.indexOf;
} else {
    indexOf = function(needle) {
        var i = -1, index = -1;
        for(i = 0; i < this.length; i++) {
            var item = this[i];
            if((findNaN && item !== item) || item === needle) {
                index = i;
        return index;
 return, needle) > -1;};
  $scope.myQuestions =;
  $scope.totalQuestions = $scope.myQuestions.length;
 $scope.selectAnswer = function(qIndex,aIndex){
  var questionState = $scope.myQuestions[qIndex].questionState;
   $scope.myQuestions[qIndex].selectedAnswer = aIndex;
  if(questionState != 'answered' ){
    if($scope.myQuestions[qIndex].allAns.length == $scope.myQuestions[qIndex].correct.length) {
    var correctAnswer = $scope.myQuestions[qIndex].correct;
    $scope.myQuestions[qIndex].correctAnswer = correctAnswer;
      $scope.myQuestions[qIndex].correctness = 'correct';
      $scope.score += 1;
      $scope.myQuestions[qIndex].correctness = 'incorrect';
    $scope.myQuestions[qIndex].questionState = 'answered';
  $scope.percentage = (($scope.score / $scope.totalQuestions)*100).toFixed(1);
$scope.isSelected = function(qIndex, aIndex){
    return$scope.myQuestions[qIndex].allAns, aIndex);
$scope.isCorrect = function(qIndex, aIndex){
    return$scope.myQuestions[qIndex].correct, aIndex) &&  $scope.myQuestions[qIndex].allAns.length == $scope.myQuestions[qIndex].correct.length;
$scope.isInCorrect = function(qIndex, aIndex){
    return !$scope.myQuestions[qIndex].correct, aIndex) &&  $scope.myQuestions[qIndex].allAns.length == $scope.myQuestions[qIndex].correct.length;
$scope.selectContinue = function(qIndex, aIndex){
    return $scope.activeQuestion += 1;
  var url = '';
  var emailLink = '<a class="btn email" href="mailto:?subject=Try to beat my score!&amp;body= I scored '+percentage+'% on this quiz! Try to beat my score at '+url+'."> Email a Friend </a>';
  var twitterLink = '<a class="btn twitter" target="_blank" href=" scored '+percentage+' on this quiz. Try to beat my score at &amp;hashtags=TheoryQuiz&url='+url+'"> Tweet your score </a>';
  var newMarkup = emailLink + twitterLink;
  return $sce.trustAsHtml(newMarkup);

And here is my HTML to show the data from one JSON file (my understanding is that I'd simply need to copy/paste this in the different sections of the site - but I pasted it here just in case):

<div id="myQuiz" ng-controller="QuizController">
            <h1>Test your Knowledge: <span>Alertness</span></h1>
            <div class="progress">
                <div class="
                {{ ($index===activeQuestion)? 'on' : 'off' }}
                {{ (myQuestion.questionState==='answered') ? 'answered':'unanswered'}}
                {{ (myQuestion.correctness==='correct') ? 'correct':'incorrect'}}
                " ng-repeat="myQuestion in myQuestions">

            <div class="intro {{ (activeQuestion > -1 ? 'inactive' : 'active') }}">
                <p>Click begin to start a topic</p>
                <p class="btn" ng-click="activeQuestion = 0">Begin</p>

            <div class="question
            {{$index === activeQuestion ? 'active' : 'inactive'}}
            {{myQuestion.questionState === 'answered' ? 'answered' : 'unanswered'}}
            " ng-repeat="myQuestion in myQuestions">
                <p class="txt">{{myQuestion.question}} <img ng-src="{{myQuestion.qimage}}"></p>
                <p class="ans"
                        image: Answer.image,
                        selected: isSelected($parent.$index,$index),
                        correct : isCorrect($parent.$index,$index),
                        incorrect : isInCorrect($parent.$index,$index)
                    ng-style="{'background-image' : 'url({{Answer.image}})'}"
                    ng-repeat="Answer in myQuestions[$index].answers">
                <div class="feedback">
                    <p ng-show="myQuestion.correctness === 'correct'">You are <strong>correct</strong>.</p>
                    <p ng-show="myQuestion.correctness === 'incorrect'">Oops! That is not correct.</p>
                    <div class="btn" ng-click="selectContinue()">Continue</div>

            <div class="results {{ (totalQuestions===activeQuestion) ? 'active' : 'inactive' }}">
                <p>You scored {{percentage}}% by correctly answering {{score}} of the total {{totalQuestions}} questions.</p>
                <p>Use the links below to challenge your friends.</p>
                <div class="share" ng-bind-html="createShareLinks(percentage)">


I've done some research on stuff but I couldn't really find anything concrete. I appreciate any form of help! Please let me know if my question needs further clarification.

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