jQuery Image Gallery Slideshow with MousePan

February 25, 2017, at 9:41 PM
jQuery Image Gallery Slideshow with MousePan

gallery with and for touch supported devices, (local, youtube, vimeo) and players with Flash backups for older browsers.

  • or posibilities
  • and support (local, youtube, vimeo) with for older browsers
  • Playlist can be: auto create of images, , playlist
  • Optional with jquery address for SEO
  • Unlimited image categories supported
  • Specify number of visible menu thumbnails
  • bottom / right
  • Thumbnail scale on rollover
  • Optional gallery (vertical / horizontal)
  • Optional different size image thumbnails per category
  • Optional image description (with optional auto-open)
  • Optional image link
  • Start with menu or any category
Tags: YouTube
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