Update the table without manually refreshing

March 09, 2017, at 00:02 AM

I have the following code but it seems like the syncUpdate function doesn't work for me. Basically, when I click update employee it populates my form with its data and then I can change the data and click update. Then I just update the employee with the newly entered data. However, the table (list of employees) is not updated unless I click refresh manually.

function UpdateEmployee(){
this.database = firebase.database();
dialog = document.querySelector('#updateDialog');
if (!dialog.showModal) {
// Now dialog acts like a native <dialog>.
rootRef = firebase.database().ref().child("Employees");
this.fetchEmployees = function fetchEmployees(){
  rootRef.on('child_added', snap => {
    id = snap.child("ID").val();
    key = snap.key;
    name = snap.child("Name").val();
    email = snap.child("Email").val();
    btn = "<button key='"+ key +"' class='updateEmployee mdl-button mdl-js-button mdl-button--raised mdl-js-ripple-effect mdl-button--accent'>Update</button>";
    $("#table_body").append("<tr id='"+key+"'><td>" + id + "</td><td>" + name + "</td> <td>" + email +
    "</td><td>" + btn +"</td></tr>");
//Get data for the employee clicked and populate form
function getData(k){
  return firebase.database().ref('/Employees/' + k).once('value').then(function(snapshot) {
    var id = snapshot.val().ID;
    var name = snapshot.val().Name;
    var email = snapshot.val().Email;
    document.getElementById('uId').value = id;
    document.getElementById('uEn').value = name;
    document.getElementById('uEe').value = email;
function setNewData(k){
  firebase.database().ref('Employees/' + k).set({
    ID: newEmployeeID,
    Email: newEmployeeEmail,
    Name: newEmployeeName
function checkUpdateClick(){
  //Check if update button is clicked
  $(document).on('click', ".updateBtn", function(){
  newEmployeeID = $("#uId").val();
  newEmployeeName = $("#uEn").val();
  newEmployeeEmail = $("#uEe").val();
  if(newEmployeeID != "" && newEmployeeName != "" && newEmployeeEmail != ""){
    $("#updateSuccess").show().text("Employee successfully updated!");
    //show the update form
    $("#updateSuccess").show().text("Employee not updated! Try again.");
this.updateEventListener = function updateEventListener(){
  $(document).on('click', ".updateEmployee", function(){// note: using 'removeElement' as class, not as id
    //fetch the key for the row/employee clicked
    var key = $(this).attr('key');
    //show the update form
    //Get data for the employee clicked and populate form
this.syncUpdate = function syncUpdate(){
  rootRef.on('child_added', function(snap) {
    key = snap.key;
    $('#' + key).set();
var updateEmp = new UpdateEmployee();
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