Smart autocomplete with tensorflow.js

May 04, 2019, at 1:30 PM

Is it possible to build some sort of autocomplete select which suggests values based on previous inputs?
Let’s say I have airport select with 5k items. I would like give user top 5 values to select based on his previous preferences.

Answer 1

Deep learning approach:

Basically what you want is an RNN powered word-level prediction model. Such models are used in text generation. You can refer to one example here.

These models specifically take in a word ( t ) and predict the next word ( t1 ). Then taking t1 it predicts t2. This cycle goes on until the max number of words is reached.

If I had to train such an RNN model on a single sentence like

Hello world from TensorFlow

Then the feature-label pairs would look like:

X, Y
Hello, World
World, from
from, TensorFlow

These sentences could be trained from the user's previous inputs.

Things you will require in building such a model:

  1. Lots of user data.
  2. A ranking algorithm to get the top N predictions
  3. Probably, a GPU or TPU. CPUs might prove to be very slow and might take days.

Non-Deep learning approach:

You can Bayes Theorem or simply check which word has the highest probability after a specific word. The word "morning" will have the highest probability after the word "good".


  • Mostly, you will also need to handle custom user words which you may not add in your dictionary. It could be the name of a person. So while collecting data, you need to tag such words into a common word like .
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