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October 09, 2017, at 06:32 AM

I need to create a query that find a document in which each of the values of an array field must meet a different condition. Those condition differ by the index of this array.

i read that it can be done, for example, in this way:

var cursor = db.collection('inventory').find({ 
  "dim.1": { $gt: 22, $lt: 30 }

here i find document in which the array field "dim" has a value >22 & <30 in the second position.

I need to do the same thing with mongoose. but how?!?

Answer 1

You can use the same query with Mongoose.

Assuming that your Mongoose model is Inventory, this should work:

  "dim.1": { $gt: 22, $lt: 30 }
}, function(err, docs) {
  // Callback code


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Take a look at this JSFiddle example in Chrome

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