JavaScript Framework or something else, for connecting documents and profile of people in system [closed]

April 22, 2021, at 6:30 PM
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Do you know any solution on JavaScript or other, for administration documents connected with Users. I'll explain now:

  1. Need web interface for connecting worldwide (I'll be host this project);

  2. I have users and their documents(like cert, diploma, etc.), and I need to connect this stuff in db(PostgreSQL)

    {user-id: 1; doc-diploma: diploma.pdf; doc-cert: certificate-of-education.pdf}

  3. Then I'll need feathers like search, changing info, administrate permissions;

  4. After all, each user is given conditional points in order to analyze who is better than others according to the documents;

    logic of analysis:you have diploma, give point,you have cert, give point.

  5. Print this report to analyse progress of Users in their education.

  6. Maybe not fully explained my project, so.. I open for questions :)

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