Is there a way to load cross origin request without explicit CORS headers set on the server side?

May 23, 2019, at 08:40 AM

I am trying to write an RSS feed consumer in javascript, but unfortunately most feeds do not seem to explicitly set an access-control-allow-origin header on their responses (Even though it is my understanding that the data is for public consumption / scraping).

My question is: Is there a way to load data like this in javascript (Aside from using a server side proxy or turning the project into a browser plugin) given that:

  • The requests are simple get requests. (So no OPTIONS request would normally be sent even if the access-control-allow-origin header was present)
  • Cookies / Authentication is not important as the feeds are public. (So withCredentials would be false if it were an XMLHttpRequest)

e.g. Something like:

fetch('', {
  crossOrigin: false,
  xhrFields: {
    withCredentials: false
  console.log('Got a response!', response);

For some background, I figured there may be a way to do this because:

  • The block does not seem to protect server side resources, as the request is not blocked, just the ability to view response. (So if somebody did tie a server side update operation to a simple get request this wouldn't save them.)
  • By default it does seem that cookies / authentication are blocked, so XSRF is not a problem.
  • The request initiated from the current domain, where if a malicious user did gain access to add something like this they could equally load something nasty via a script tag with JSONP or a server where they set an access-control-allow-origin header.

A further question: It seems that this block does not actually protect against anything at all in this case. Why does it exist? (Or is my understanding of the security constraints flawed)

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