Why are URLs not resoliving in jsp view of intellij with struts 2 convention

May 11, 2019, at 9:10 PM

I have two "errors" with url references that appear when using struts forms in a new project I'm templating out in IntelliJ Idea. It's the strangest thing because neither of them are actual errors. The program builds and deploys as I expect

The first one is this. Now I'm sure that I could extract a copy of the "Struts-Tags" and put it somewhere but why am I getting this <statement> or delimiter error.

The second one is of the same line, it has to do with the zero config project I'm trying to build with convention I think. This one fails to recognize that I'm mapping to an action via the convention plugin without a config.

I'm just getting started on a project that I plan to use as a template for a larger project and I like to keep my projects clean of any errors. If I'm breaking best practices and that's the issue I'd love to hear about it but I was rather fond of building my template framework this way so I'd be disappointed if I was I guess. I'm new to the convention plugin but it seemed like a pretty clean way to set up a business application, more so than my last xml configured struts2 app on 2.3.

Anyway here are some additional references in case there is an issue elsewhere that I am overlooking.

Struts 2 plugin enabled (have tried all 8 combinations of the 3 struts intellij plugins)

Empty struts.xml file

web.xml file (some spring stuff cut off but the removal of all spring dependencies and configs did not affect intellij showing me these errors)

Maven struts dependencies

Action class... don't mind Data, it just generates my getters and setters, again @Component definitely isn't the issue as I have already tried removing all my spring stuff

Package Layout

If it helps you can download the project:


I was hoping to get my jpa and 3 deployments configured but I just can't stand committing a project and saying "OK" to errors, that's how it grows out of control and before you know it the 10,000 warnings are all just ignored.

Answer 1

The first problem is not reproducible in your sample project:

It could be that you've injected something like SQL into the parameter using Alt+Enter | Inject language or reference context menu. You can repeat this step, but use the Un-inject option.

The second problem is also not reproducible for some reason:

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