MySQL 1064 syntax error when using statement

April 01, 2018, at 00:08 AM

I am running a server that receives queries and sends them to the Database using Statements.

    connection = dbConnection.getDbConnection();
    if(connection != null) {
        Statement mySt = connection.createStatement();
        if(mySt != null) {
           ResultSet myRs = mySt.executeQuery(query);
               //getting data and printing it

It prints DA2 so the connection is created succefully. The query is send by the client in the following way

DataOutputStream out = new DataOutputStream(client.getOutputStream());
String query = "USE db_name; SELECT * FROM `tb_name`;";

I changed the database name with db_name and the table name with tb_name(I am sure I wrote them correctly in my code).

The server receives them this way

Socket client = socket.accept();
DataInputStream input = new DataInputStream(client.getInputStream());
String query = input.readUTF();

When the server is running and the client sends the query an exception is thrown with the following message(I handled the exceptions to show me this).

SQLState: 42000 Error Code: 1064 Message: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'SELECT * FROM `tb_name`' at line 1

The same query runs correctly on a MySQL database.

How can I solve this? Is the database sending back the error and so throwing an exception or is it just the code?

SOLVED: I forgot to specify the database name in the connection.

Answer 1

You could use (single SQL statement with qualified name):

String query = "SELECT * FROM db_name.`tb_name`";
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