Java MouseListener Delaying MouseEvents For Duration, Then Hearing Them All At Once

December 14, 2017, at 09:23 AM

I am a student working on a personal project of a virtual cardgame styled after hearthstone or mtg if you are familiar. The way it works is this: you have a "hand" of cards on the right side of the screen and you can click or drag them to 'play' them onto the board. The way i do this is implementing a mouse, mouse movement, and key listener onto a JFrame which contains a canvas that acts as the heart of the game by constantly refreshing to display the various game objects.

Here is the problem: During the Opponenet's (AI player's) turn, the mouse listener should not register the user's actions. ie you can't play cards when it isnt your turn. I do this by checking if it is the player's turn (Public Boolean) and if not, return immediately. Or at least thats what it SHOULD do, instead all the events that take place on the opponents turn are not heard by the listener until the player's turn begins once more, at which point ALL events that took place are heard at once So if you click on a card during the opponent's turn, it will play that card immediately unpon the beginning of your own turn.

Here is what the AI user's turn entails: A lot of Thread.sleep. The AI will perform some board action, then sleep the thread for about a second so that the user can follow along with what is going on (so the ai doesnt make all its attacks and plays at once and the turn is over in a split-second). I am wondering if this sleeping could be interferring with the listeners(?)

Click Method:

    public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e) {
        System.out.println(e.getX()/Board.xScale + ", " + e.getY()/Board.yScale);
        if(!Board.playerHero.turn || !enabled) {return;  //if its not our turn, ignore it
        Card clickedCard = InputHandler.getCardAt(e.getX()/Board.xScale, e.getY()/Board.yScale);
        if(clickedCard != null && clickedCard.isTargeted == false){
            clickedCard.cast(null); //cast with null param becuase there is no target

Here is my project so far on github.

Here is the relevant InputHandler.Class

Further information: this class's nextTurn() method is what drives the game by changing turns, triggers this hero class's onTurnStart method, which checks to see if that hero is an AI player, and if so runs the AI's takeTurn() method

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