Custom Skin: style popup

August 03, 2017, at 05:35 AM

I'm struggling again to style a popup, which gets created in a custom skin.

I guess I have to use the PopupControl, not Popup.

PopupControl popup = new PopupControl();
popup.setStyle("-fx-background-color: red;");
popup.getStyleClass().add("my-popup");, screenLocation.getX(), screenLocation.getY());

The skinnable overrides the userAgentStylesheet:

public String getUserAgentStylesheet() {
    return Stylesheets.getDefaultStylesheet();

But neither the style, nor the styleClass nor any styleClass applied to any child node of popupContentPane has some effect.

If I understand the documentation correctly the popup should use the stylesheet of the ownerNode (here the skinnable).

The question is somewhat similar to an old question of mine, which didn't get any answer at that time: Custom control & opaque popup

How can I style the popup?

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